D to the E to the LICIOUS...

It's from one of my favorite songs. Of course I had to incorporate it! I went ahead and took the plunge to join delicious. I really thing it's going to work for me, on a personal level. There are so many blogs that I read daily. Through delicious I can tag them and make it easier on myself. That I like!

I think this would benefit the NPPL as well, although I have to wonder if it will be used at all. I think I would use it...and think of it as the "Rolodex" of technology. If that makes any sense. I'll have to try it out and see how it would work. Maybe those of use here at NPPL that are participating in 2.0 can come together and figure out what we need.


Twitterpated Thing 13

Yes, I tweet. Codename: SeeryUs

Mostly, I tweet to keep up with my Mommy Blogging friends. I, myself, don't add updates to twitter so much because I don't have text messaging yet on my phone. I've got a hubby who is a major tightwad. I'm working on it though. Every girl knows that if you want a goldfish, you ask for a pony. So help me Pete, if anyone tells that to the Hubs...you are going down. I will personally take you out.

Okay, where were we? Anyway, so I tweet every once and a great while, and will after the new year more (new phone under the tree please!). I like reading tweets because I'm a nosy person. Plus, some of the people are just hilarious! Kristen at Mommy4Cocktails cracks me up.

Big surprise, there was nothing for the NPPL. Someday, someday though. I think you could tweet for your library though. Tweet about special presentations, like Brown Bag Luncheons, or special fundraisers. Tweet about when the library will be closing. The possibilities are endless. I'm going to follow Allana, if she okays it. I've tried to add the others, by my computer is acting up. Giving errors and whatnot. So we're just going to let it go at that.

LibraryThing 12

I'm Seeryus, here at Library thing. Want to see what's on my shelf? Click here. It's mostly smut, but I tried to include one or two books that didn't fit into that category. Believe it or not, smut is not the ONLY thing I read. Anywho...

Once again, I'm going to make it a point to play with LibraryThing a bit more. I prefer Facebook's Visual Bookshelf. I like that I can type in a title or author and add without having the page change. Does that make any sense. I want to bing, bang, boom. Not spend all day having to hit the back button. Plus my reader friends on Facebook have their shelf and I can get ideas or we can talk back and forth about certain books. I heart social networks.

Like I said though, I'm going to give LibraryThing a fair shot...because it looks like it could be a social network for those who love books! Be still my heart!