Too Good to Pass Up!

You have to check out Real Lottery Winner. A fantastically crazy contest is going on...one I can't pass up! You won't be able to either for that matter.

Can you say Mac Book Pro? How about two Mac Book Pros? Yeah, that's what is up for grabs. I'm in awe. It's easy to enter. Hurry...what are you waiting for?

While I don't know much about Real Lottery Winner, I do like what I see so far. All of the ads have come down...and I think that is great. I'm not a big ads person, although the money that was made from these ads went directly to charity...and that is a good thing. Everything is cut and dry, easy to find.

There is a post about Ebay Charity Auctions. Another that touched my heart. This guy spent all day at a Christmas tree lot buying trees for all who came to get their tree. How awesome is that? Everyone knows how hectic and stressful this time of year can be, but when you have someone do something nice for you...just because...wow. Incredible. Giving back, it feels really good to do it. While I realize that not all of us can buy Christmas trees for everyone, it can be something as simple as paying for the next coffee in line at your favorite coffee shop. That's one of my favorites! Winfield's, anyone?

So really, head on over to Real Lottery Winner. Sign up for the RSS feed, I choose by email and through Google reader. This is one blog you will want to keep coming back to read. I know I will!

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